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Sporulation Cycle of Bacillus subtilis

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SporeWeb serves as an interactive knowledge platform about the sporulation cycle of Bacillus subtilis. The interactive figure on this homepage (or the 'State' option in the menu) will guide you through gene regulatory events during the different stages of the bacterial sporulation process.

Review-like descriptions of important developmental events, as well as of key regulator proteins involved, offer an understandable overview of any particular stage. Familiarize yourself with specific regulatory events and key regulators using the schematic overviews. Clickable items in these overviews direct you to pages containing more detailed information on regulator proteins, their own regulation and the genes they control. Additionally, gene regulatory network interactions can be visualized through Cytoscape-generated layouts and gene expression profile comparisons are shown in representative heat maps.

You can also create your own Cytoscape-generated network visualization of a specific subset of genes of interest using the Cytoscape User Subset tool in the menubar.

B. subtilis genes which have been classified as 'sporulation genes', but for which the regulation is so far unknown, have been grouped in the regulon menu as 'undefined'.

SporeWeb is now published. Please cite SporeWeb as:

SporeWeb: an interactive journey through the complete sporulation cycle of Bacillis subtilis
Eijlander RT, de Jong A, Krawczyk AO, Holsappel S and Kuipers OP.
Nucleic Acids Res. (1 Jan 2014) 42 (D1): D685-D691.

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Sporulation cycle of Bacillus subtilis

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- from single cell to microcolony


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