Bacillus Subtilis

ScoC Starvation – activation of Spo0A

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ScoC during starvation

The precise role of transition state regulator ScoC in the sporulation process is less clear than for the other regulators described in this section. Absence of ScoC in developing cells displays pleiotropic effects, which suggests not only direct regulation but also secondary effects through additional regulators. For instance, studies on the regulatory effect by ScoC not only indicate an inhibition of sporulation during vegetative growth, but also reveal significant links with other regulatory networks like that of nitrogen metabolism regulator CodY 64. As cells enter stationary phase and are confronted with adaptation to the limitation of nutrients, the inhibitory effect of ScoC on sporulation is lifted through negative regulation of scoC expression by phosphorylated Spo0A 11. This probably occurs through cancelation of the positive effect of AbrB on scoC transcription 16, 46.


Sporulation cycle of Bacillus subtilis

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