Bacillus Subtilis

GerR Completion of engulfment and cortex systhesis
(Stages III - IV)

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Engulf GerR png

GerR during engulfment

Various experiments have indicated a positive effect of GerR on the expression of several genes in the σK regulon. This effect was suggested to be indirect 113, which seems logical given that the expression of gerR depends on σE and SpoIIID, both of which are decreased or eliminated during this stage in sporulation 153. However, presence of GerR in the mother cell during late stage sporulation was confirmed by Western blot analysis and the protein was furthermore shown to bind to promoter regions of at least three σK-dependent genes 96. One of these genes encodes SpoVIF, needed for stability of GerE in the mother cell 159. Other observed effects on gene transcription by GerR could therefore be indirect via SpoVIF and GerE 96.



Sporulation cycle of Bacillus subtilis

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