Bacillus Subtilis

SpoVT Completion of engulfment and cortex systhesis
(Stages III - IV)

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SpoVT during engulfment

The spoVT gene is transcribed under the control of σG in the forespore. Its protein product is known to tetramerize and bind a so far unknown ligand before it can execute its activity as a transcriptional regulator in the forespore 155, 156. It acts by activating or repressing a subset of genes within the σG regulon, as well as by inhibiting the expression of the spoIIIG gene encoding σG 101, 157. The fine-tuning actions of SpoVT on late forespore-specific gene transcription has been described to have a significant effect on the production of proteins involved in the spore germination process and has been mentioned as a source of observed heterogeneity therein 158. This fine-tuning action is enhanced by the interplay with another RNA polymerase-binding modulator of σG-dependent gene expression, YlyA 140.



Sporulation cycle of Bacillus subtilis

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